Message from Pastor Ragazinskas

Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Dear Members of Lutheran Church of the Resurrection,

 As you all are aware, the Coronavirus pandemic has grown. Many places have closed their doors to people. Unfortunately, we are one of those places. The decision was made for your safety. I can tell you, as your pastor, I am not happy about us not worshiping together, but this is something we need to do for your safety. This is something none of us have ever faced before. We are taking this very seriously, and we are trying to abide by the requirements and recommendations put out by the President, CDC, and local health officials. Here is what you need to know:

1. WORSHIP --- Services will be LIVE STREAMED ( - Link is at the top of our page) at noon on Wednesdays (March 18th & March 25th) and 9 am on Sundays (March 22nd & March 29th).  If you are working and cannot watch the service at noon, there is a video archive (under the Past Services tab) on our church website where you can watch previously recorded services.

2. CONTACT --- Pastor Nathan Ragazinskas is the point of contact through all of this. If you have any needs, questions, comments, or concerns please contact me via phone, email, or text.

3. CHURCH OFFERINGS --- This point cannot be stated enough. This is uncharted territory for all of us. During this two week “social isolation,” our church will not be seeing any of your offerings because of the fact that we won’t be meeting together. It is very crucial that you support your church through this tough time. I want you to consider all options for your giving. You can always mail your offerings to the church. You can call and set up a time to drop your offerings off at church, etc.  This is not an easy thing to have to bring to your attention, but it needs to be said nonetheless. Continue to support your church through this period so that our church can continue to shine the light of the gospel out into our world.

4. MEETING --- If you are in need of pastoral care during this time, please call Pastor.  I’m available to you during this difficult time.

5. PRAYER --- The church and the world need prayers. We need the loving hand of God to calm us and care for us in this most desperate time. Spend time in daily devotions in your home. Pray with your children, grandchildren, spouse, parents, etc. Pray, pray, pray, pray, pray!

This last note is very important as well. There are some members who do not use email to communicate. If you know anyone who does not communicate via email please call them and read them this email. Pass on the correct information so that we can all stay in contact with one another through this period of time. We don’t want to lose anyone because of a lack of communication.

 We will be meeting again to discuss changes to worship times and meetings on March 29th and possibly sooner if things change. Please stay in contact and stay informed!

 I wish you all God’s blessings, peace, comfort, and support in this hard and trying time!

In Christ,

Pastor Nathan Ragazinskas